John Vaughan drinks cabinet Chippendale school

Drinking parquetry

During his time at the Chippendale school, John Vaughan from the west of Ireland has blossomed into a highly-talented furniture designer.

First it was his console table, with the drawer fronts in olive ash, the sides made from yew and the bottoms crafted from sycamore.

Then came his mirror, a requirement of the course, that showcased his very real talent for woodcarving.

The frame of the mirror was made from ebonised sycamore, with delicate and intricate carvings hand-crafted from lime.

The carvings were then gilded in white, yellow, red, green, deep gold and moon gold.

To add a touch of drama to the piece, the mirror’s glass was then water gilded with white and yellow gold.

He’s also now completed a wonderful drinks cabinet,  It has a complex parquetry design fashioned from veneers of sycamore and rosewood.

The top of his cabinet is made from sycamore, with steam-bent and laminated oak legs.

It’s a piece that would enjoy pride of place in any home.

John is now setting up his own woodworking business, Johnsglen Fine Furniture, to continue to design and make exceptional pieces of fine furniture.



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