John Vaughan mirror Chippendale school

Shades of golden mirror

It’s a mirror that reflects a real talent for woodcarving.

It’s the work of professional course student John Vaughan from the west of Ireland, who has long had a keen interest in woodworking.

During his year with us, John has demonstrated a very high standard of design flair and craftsmanship.

That artistry and skill combine in his course mirror, a piece that all students are required to make.

The frame of the mirror is made from ebonised sycamore, with the delicate and intricate carvings made from lime.

The carvings have then been painstakingly gilded in white, yellow, red, green, deep gold and moon gold.

The mirror itself has been water gilded with white and yellow gold.

John intends to set up his own woodworking business, Johnsglen, after graduation and continue to make wonderful things.

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