Furniture Making Course

The Chippendale School in Scotland provides excellent furniture making courses raging from 9-month long intensive professional courses to shorter introductory, intermediate and complementary.

Our flagship professional course provides a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of furniture design and cabinet making. It is ideal for those wishing to carve out a career in fine furniture design and sett up their own business or those seeking to learn a professional skill in retirement. You will follow in the footsteps of many successful furniture makers and become a member of the Fine Furniture Guild.

We also run a variety of short courses throughout the year, these are ideal for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts and those looking for more of an introduction to woodworking.

Find out more information about each of our furniture making courses below and apply now:

Find out more about our furniture making courses

Furniture making courses

Professional Course

Our professional course is aimed at those who want to make fine furniture design and furniture making their career, or to learn a professional skill in retirement.

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Introductory Course

For anyone looking for an introduction to woodworking, we run one-week Introductory courses several times a year. These courses provide an introduction to a whole range of woodworking skills and techniques.

furniture making courses

Intermediate Course

Our one-month intermediate course is aimed at anyone wanting to take their woodworking skills to a whole new level.

Chippendale School of Furniture  Photography Phil Wilkinson
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Complementary Courses

In addition to our popular professional course, intermediate and introductory courses, we offer a selection of short courses throughout the year for those with a keen interest in woodworking, furniture making and restoration.

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