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World Famous Furniture School

As one of the world’s most renowned furniture design and making schools, the Chippendale International School of Furniture, each year we welcome students from across the world to experience the best of traditional and modern furniture making.

Located just outside of Edinburgh, Chippendale School operates as a not-for-profit organisation, with all funds reinvested back into the School and its facilities. Our talented and experienced team of tutors and visiting experts provides world-class teaching and offers a learning experience that is practical, fun and career-focused.

Not only do we teach our students furniture design, making and restoration skills, but we also give them the tools required to run and market their own woodworking businesses. Additionally, we provide ongoing support after the course has finished at our Myreside Studios. Here, Professional Course graduates can take up a residence in our Chippendale incubator workshop for three years after graduating and benefit from marketing and operational support to help them set up their businesses. Find out more about our furniture making courses below.

We believe in creative and collaborative learning and our sole aim is to give all students the skills to succeed, from encouraging and nurturing creativity, to the practical skills required to build beautiful furniture.


If you are looking to embark on a career change or you have an interest in the art of woodworking and furniture design, get in touch and arrange a visit.

Find Out More About Our Courses


Our professional course is ideal for those looking to pursue a career in fine furniture design and making. With 30 students, starting each year in October, taught by an in-house team of tutors and a range of visiting experts.


This intermediate course is the right choice for those looking to advance their existing skillset. With a syllabus that consists of a series of set projects, each packed with learning outcomes, the course is intensive and intimate with only 8 students to 3 tutors.


This course is for those who wish to come and design and make a piece of furniture. With a maximum of 4 students, these courses are popular with hobbyists and fill up fast. The complexity of the design will be dictated by the individual student’s level of experience.


Ideal for beginners, the introductory course covers a wide range of woodworking fundamentals. This is great way to get a taste of the teaching environment at Chippendale and is a popular choice for those interested in the 30-week professional course. Other 1-week courses include wood bending techniques, upholstery and restoration.


These courses provide the most accessible route into woodworking. Over 2 days, students can learn how to turn a stool on one of our woodturning weekends. Or, carve a set of wooden spoons on our spoon carving course.
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