As part of our Professional Course, we make sure that students understand the basics of business planning and marketing, the two fundamentals that underpin success.

It’s why we require students who want to set up their own enterprises to create a business plan and to design and make a website.

We’ll help them to do both of those things, as well as giving ideas and advice on how to then promote themselves to local markets.

Hear what our recent graduates, who have gone on to create successful businesses, had to say about The Chippendale International School of Furniture:

Student Feedback

I’ve really enjoyed my experience at the Chippendale School. The Professional course takes commitment and focus, as we are learning about a huge range of woodworking and design skills within a nine-month period.

We have a lot of creative freedom here and we have round-the-clock support from our woodworking tutors. It’s great to be following a path that makes me feel fulfilled – every day I go home happy.

(Fran, aged 26, Germany)

My grandfather inspired me to become a furniture maker. I used to help him with his woodworking projects when I was a kid, and since then I’ve wanted to make this my career.

At the Chippendale School I’ve particularly enjoyed the design elements of the course. Although I had worked with wood before, I didn’t know how to design a project from scratch. We have worked with a drawing tutor who has shown us how to design things. After I graduate, I want to start my own furniture business back in the States.

(Bret, aged 20, USA)

The course as a whole was the most rewarding education I have received in my goal to become a furniture maker/designer.
(Peter Schmitt, USA)

9 months goes by pretty quickly! I have made many friends for life and learned skills that would be more difficult to gain elsewhere, as well as a lot of practical knowledge in woodworking skills and business.
(Kevin Crawford, USA)

A well-organised 30-week course which helped me learn various woodworking skills. It has been one of the most intense 9 months in my life, from 8 till 8, 5½ days a week, but I enjoyed every minute.
(Steve Ahn, South Korea)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot that I will take with me into setting up my business as a furniture maker.
(Zach Evelyn, Barbados)

It was an adventurous experience for me which has opened up a new world of opportunity. I made good friends, met great tutors and used the best machinery in the best environment!
(Michiko Kakiuchi, Japan)


The course was fast-paced and gave a great foundation to build on skill-wise.
(Jonathan Van Camp, Canada)

The school teaches you advanced woodworking techniques without scaring you. This, together with the unique opportunity of building your own designs from the very beginning of the course, gives you the most invaluable learning experience which gives you the confidence to experiment and build anything.
(Yana Molotok, Russia)

I feel the school has prepared me perfectly to go out into the world with confidence.
(Sam Rouse, USA)

The best year of madness and fun, I enjoyed almost every second. The ability to design and make whatever you wanted was supported excellently by the tutors.
(Dan Brophy, Ireland)

The learning environment at Chippendale was just perfect. You are encouraged to push your boundaries.
(Maxi Ruhl, Germany)

Success Stories

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Professional Course

Our professional course is aimed at those who want to make fine furniture design and make it their career, or to learn a professional skill in retirement.

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Introductory Course

For anyone looking for an introduction to woodworking, we run one-week Introductory courses several times a year. These short courses are run over a five-day period, Monday to Friday and provide an introduction to a whole range of woodworking skills and techniques.

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Intermediate Course

Our one-month intermediate course is aimed at anyone wanting to take their woodworking skills to a whole new level.

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