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If you are considering embarking on a rewarding journey into fine furniture making, you’ll follow in the footsteps of a special global community who decided to pursue their passion at our magical corner of rural Scotland.

Read on to discover why countless people from around the world are drawn to our extraordinary school. Whether embarking on long or short woodworking courses, these experiences reflect individuals who have turned dreams into well-crafted realities.

Join us on a remarkable journey and explore the boundless possibilities of woodworking for yourself.

Hear what our students and tutors have to say about The Chippendale International School of Furniture:

The student experience…

Hear Helena Robson talk about life on the Professional Course at Chippendale School ahead of her graduation.

A tutor’s take…

Hear from Chippendale School tutor and furniture maker Ben Dawson on life at Chippendale School as he gears up to celebrate the fine furniture work of graduating students of the Professional Course…



If you are looking to embark on a career change or you have an interest in the art of woodworking and furniture design, get in touch and arrange a visit.

Find Out More About Our Courses


This course prepares you for a career in fine furniture design. It provides an intensive curriculum and personalised instruction, surpassing other international courses in the field.


Our 4-week intermediate course will elevate your woodworking skills. Ideal for hobbyists, no experience is needed.
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