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Furniture Design School in the heart of Scotland

Located outside Edinburgh, Scotland, The Chippendale International School of Furniture is one of the world’s most renowned furniture making and design schools.

Founded in 1985, each year we welcome furniture design students from across the world to learn the best of traditional and modern furniture making.

Based in the heart of Scotland, we equip our students with the skills they need to launch their own woodworking business. Find out more about our furniture design courses below.


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School Life

Our professional course, which equips students with all the skills and acumen to go on and run their own furniture making and design business, is a nine-month long course running from October to June each year.


Graduates from The Chippendale International School of Furniture receive a certification recognised worldwide and are equipped with all the skills required to run a successful woodworking business.

Chippendale School of Furniture  Photography Phil Wilkinson
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Find out what other graduates from the Chippendale International School of Furniture had to say about their experience of learning from the best and mastering their furniture making and design skills.

Chippendale School of Furniture  Photography Phil Wilkinson
Tel 07740444373

Meet The Team

Meet the people behind the Chippendale International School of Furniture. Our team is made up of woodworking experts who are here to help you learn and master the best in furniture making and design.



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2023 woodworking trends  

A new year doesn’t always bring with it new trends, but January does provide an ideal time to look at and consider the shifts and swings of what’s ‘current’ in the woodworking world.   Trends are by no means prescriptive at the Chippendale School, where every student is encouraged to find their own signature style –…

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How to buy wood for your next fine furniture project 

For new woodworkers and furniture makers just starting out, there are so many questions to answer and potential pitfalls to navigate – one of the most obvious (and most important!) is where to source your wood, and how to go about it.  The simple questions are often the vital ones, and there’s nothing more important…


From construction to crafting fine furniture: John Heuchan’s woodworking journey 

Every year at the Chippendale School, we welcome dozens of people who have decided to swap their previous careers for the fulfilling journey of furniture making.   One of these career-changers was John Heuchan (Laurel & Wood) who joined us on our 2020/21 Professional Course. Before the pandemic hit, John worked in the construction sector, however,…