John Vaughan at the Chippendale school

Tabling a project

Now that we’re approaching the halfway point in the professional course, it’s exciting to see the students’ first projects begin to take shape.

We particularly like John Vaughan’s console table, which is now starting to look like a table – although much work lies ahead.

He’s currently working on the drawers and is busy hand cutting the dovetail joints.

To give contrasting colours, and to be pleasing to the eye, the drawer fronts will be olive ash, the sides will be yew and the bottoms will be made from sycamore.

All of the wood for his table is locally sourced and has been air dried outside on the school grounds for two years.

It has been further conditioned inside in the workshop for six months.  While this makes it wonderful material to work with, it can also be challenging.  The grain in the yew is wild and beautiful but difficult to work, although the results can be stunning.

John, from the West of Ireland and who has always had a keen interest in woodworking, has a space in his home ready and waiting for his table.

While his background was as a hotelier, John hopes to work full-time as a woodworker after graduation.

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