Campbell Paterson drinks cabinet Chippendale school

Fumed and flamed

It’s a drinks cabinet for displaying only your finest and oldest bottle of whisky.

It’s the beautiful creation of Campbell Paterson from Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands.

Made from fumed oak, with sycamore veneer on the outside, it has flamed mahogany veneer on the inside.

The cabinet is opened vertically with a three-leaf hinged door.

Inside is an oak stand with solid brass surround for that special bottle.

The contrast between the sycamore exterior and flamed mahogany interior provides a dramatic contrast, echoing the colours of the whisky itself.

The cabinet is completed with a hidden sliding table to the front that also incorporates a small drawer and compartment.

Another of Campbell’s creations was a beautiful mirror in white and yellow gold, and framed in fumed oak.

The mirror itself was gilded with 12 carat white gold and 24 carat yellow gold.

The beautifully carved frame, in fumed oak, was gilded with copper and gold.

Campbell originally worked offshore in the oil and gas sector, with several more years in landscape gardening and tree surgery.

He’s setting up his own business, Campbell Paterson Furniture, and will initially be working from incubation space on the school’s campus.

The good news is that his talents have already been recognised, and he has won a number of commissions that will keep him busy after graduation.

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