Introducing Group 5 of the students exhibiting at our 2022 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale. Led by Ben Dawson, these makers have refined their woodworking skills and developed a unique style that we know you will love. From beekeeping to comedy, Group 5 has it all.

Intrigued? See Group 5’s fine furniture designs at our Graduate Exhibition between the 15th-18th of June. Book your free ticket here.

Chaska Schuler

Chaska Schuler, @chaskart_furniture

Before enrolling on our 30-week woodworking course, Chaska completed a four-year cabinetmaking apprenticeship in Switzerland. Her interests include furniture history, design, restoration, veneering, steam bending, inlaying, marquetry and parquetry, gilding, as well as business management.

Chaska finds inspiration in the tree’s connection through Mother Earth to the cosmos, creating the most wonderful material in existence. She feels a deep spiritual connection with the material which is made manifest in her craft, and in the relationships she builds with clients with whom she embarks on a creative journey.

After graduation, Chaska will spend a few more months on the road to gain new experiences and deepen her knowledge and skills, before establishing her own woodworking business ChaskART Furniture.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith, @studiosmiddy

Considering Daniel couldn’t use a drill on day one of the Professional Course, the past nine months haven’t gone too badly for the founder of Studio Smiddy.

Coming from a career in comedy festivals, he has swapped the laughs for the lathe and endeavours to create pieces of work he’d love to own but can’t afford. Inspired by Mid Century Modern and Memphis styles, Daniel seeks to create fun yet functional pieces that also act as a design focal point. Under the Studio Smiddy brand, he aims to continue pushing and expanding his design practice whilst earning enough to subsidise his love for M&S food.

Shane Corstorphine

Shane Corstorphine, @woodbee.workshop

Passionate about bees and woodworking, Shane has revelled in bringing both together in his fine furniture designs. Keen observers of his work will note references to nature reflected in his designs in the form of hexagonal patterns and unique craftsmanship.

His engineering background coming to the fore, Shane seeks to combine function with form. His admiration for simplicity is reflected in his designs, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to take the spotlight. 

Shane will continue his work at Myreside Studios where he will develop pieces that combine the natural world with our fine furniture demands.

Kyle Woodman

Kyle Woodman, @woodmanwoodworks

Kyle came to Scotland from Portland, Oregon where he’s worked for the past seven years in experiential retail design. He has always loved making and building and decided to attend the Chippendale International School of Furniture to cultivate and refine his fine woodworking skills.

His inspirations are varied, including George Nakashima, designer and furniture maker Kylle Sebree, and the simple functionality of Shaker furniture. He strives to create accessible, high quality, functional furniture and is planning to open his own woodworking shop, Woodman Woodworks, when he returns to Oregon.

Attend the Chippendale School’s 2022 Graduate Exhibition and marvel at the unique, stunning pieces crafted by these up-and-coming woodworkers. Book your free ticket here.

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