Last but by no means least we have Group 6 of our 2022 graduates, featuring quite the talented bunch of fine furniture makers. You can see their unique designs and impressive craftsmanship at the Graduate Exhibition next week.

Taught by Graham Davies, Group 6 is made up of the incredible Molly Johnson, Luca Dal Molin, Nick Charles, Aidan Inglis and Javier Salvatierra. Find out more about these accomplished woodworkers below.

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Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson, @OddballStudio

From fashion shows to fine furniture making, Molly entered the world of woodworking following eight years of working as a Fashion & Home Stylist and Set Designer.

After daydreaming about the Chippendale School of Furniture for seven years she decided to take the leap and see where her maker’s hands could take her. They did not disappoint.

Molly is a colour enthusiast, thoroughly obsessed with patterns, feel-good textures and unabashedly in love with 80’s vibes. Under her brand Oddball Studio, Molly seeks to excite a form of communication between the object and its user, using the playful, yet striking, aesthetic of the Memphis Pop era melded with flowing organic lines. She hopes one can stand in front of her pieces and yearn to touch, move around, unlock a nostalgic memory, and ignite their inner child. After all, furniture should be just a little Odd.

Luca Dal Molin

Luca Dal Molin, @dms_furniture

After over 30 years working in the aviation industry, Luca decided to follow his passion for woodworking and enrolled in the Professional Course at The Chippendale International School of Furniture.

“I’m attracted to beautiful things around me” he explains, “elegance, clean lines and curves inspire my design”. “Every piece of furniture I produce has a story behind it; I love listening to my client’s needs to make something meaningful for them”.

Using traditional techniques with a mix of hand tools and machines, Luca creates beautifully unique, high-quality pieces that will last for generations to come.

Nick Charles

Nick Charles, @workshop_elemental

Nick spent the bulk of his 20’s backpacking year-round, working between hospitality gigs & volunteer projects, and while the service jobs paid the bills, it was through the latter that his love of woodworking was born. Building houses, barns, campervans & permaculture garden systems, he knew that this was his true calling, and so set in motion a way to hone this passion into something that he could do full time.

He doesn’t like to stay monogamous to one particular style, saying that “with a history of ideas at your fingertips, why pick one outfit for life?”, electing instead to follow his inspiration wherever it may lead. He’ll oftentimes design his piece around the natural beauty of the material in hand. 

Aidan Inglis

Aidan Inglis, @aidan_inglis_wuid

Before enrolling on the Chippendale School’s Professional Course, Aidan had spent the majority of his time overseas repairing wind turbines.

Deciding to make a change, Aidan looked to pursue a more purposeful career whilst channelling his existing skills into a creative outlet.

Aidan creates his pieces using a combination of traditional hand tool craftsmanship and modern techniques, using 3D software to modify designs before finalising and beginning the making process. Aidan’s designs are clean and considered, often taking inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian simplicity and function. He looks to carry this focus forward into his future.

Javier Salvatierra

Javier Salvatierra

Raised in Chile, Javier comes from a country where wood speaks to tell stories. From the Roman Cassie in the northern desert to the Araucaria forests, between volcanoes and lakes in the South, he grew up surrounded by nature. After several years in the corporate world, he finally decided to go back to his roots.

Javier is a perfectionist artisan, determined to conceive his ideas. His projects are at the crossroad between technicity and organic, which results in high-end furniture, with simple but elegant designs. The next step is starting his own workshop in the Southwest of France…hopefully, in the middle of a big forest.

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