We are placing Group 4 under the spotlight today. Taught by Hugh Parsons, this group comprises of 4 talented woodworkers, Ben Murgatroyd, Emma Sauvage, Laurence Veitch and Mauriel Ojeda.

Group 4’s impressive final designs will be on display at our 2022 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale between Wednesday the 15th – Saturday the 18th of June. Free tickets are available here.

Ben Murgatroyd

Ben Murgatroyd, @bwm_furniture

Leaving a career in the Travel and Tourism industry, Ben enrolled on the Professional Course to carve out a new path for himself.

A lover of nature and the outdoors, Ben’s designs highlight the natural beauty and organic forms of the material in use. While absorbing as many techniques and methods as possible, Ben plans to combine his new love of furniture making with his wilderness guiding and travel passions.

Emma Sauvage

Emma Sauvage, @treadwell.studio

Emma decided to pause her nursing career to pursue woodworking. As someone who takes great joy in working with her hands, she wanted to take time to explore her creativity through this new medium.

Although Emma is still developing her individual aesthetic, much of her inspiration is derived from the shapes and patterns she observes in the natural world. Emma aims to one day have her own workshop where she will focus on creating sustainable, beautiful, and functional pieces that are designed to be well used, adding beauty and practicality to any home.

Laurence Veitch

Laurence Veitch, @laurenceveitchfurniture

Drawing on a range of influences from product design to graffiti and philosophy, Laurence aims to merge craft, design, and art in his furniture.

After leaving design school he gained hands-on experience from master craftsmen in Scandinavia. Returning to the UK, Laurence worked with designers Sam and Maggie Booth building modern eco-homes before pursuing his dream of designing and making furniture under his own direction.

After nine months of hard work on the Professional Course, Laurence has developed a unique style inspired by simplistic modern design, contemporary design, and traditional vernacular furniture – always with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. More can be found on his website.

Mauriel Ojeda

Mauriel Ojeda, @mojomadewoodworks

Mauriel has worked many an odd job, from commercial crab fishing and surf companies, to recording studios and eventually construction. Never afraid to take a leap of faith, he has now found himself in Scotland learning the finer side of craftsmanship.

Looking to the future Mauriel is working on starting his business, Mojo Made, creating traditional wooden surfboards as well as bespoke pieces of built-in and standalone furniture. Drawing from his past life experiences, Mauriel enjoys creating functional pieces inspired by his many passions, journeys, and Californian roots. Just like the ebb and flow of the ocean, he hopes his pieces will be timeless.

Group 4’s fine furniture designs will be exhibited in the 2022 Graduate Exhibition – Book your free ticket to the event here.

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