Parquetry pattern made by Ellie Agnew


Next up in the students exhibiting at our 2022 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale is Group 3, taught by Andrew Cockerill.

These 5 talented woodworkers joined the Professional Course from across the globe, and have gone from strength to strength during their 9 month training at the Chippendale School.

Here you will get an insight into each soon-to-be-graduate’s professional background, inspirations, and style of woodworking. 

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Ania Boryslawska

Ania Boryslawska, @doyenne_woodworks

Ania’s design aesthetic stems from a childhood in San Francisco and years as a young adult in Los Angeles. Just as the nostalgic facades of these iconic cities are positioned amongst the scape of modernization, her furniture is a fusion of innovation and sentimentality.

Ania beautifully combines her artistic eye with great technical ability, creating pieces that inspire joy and a sense of playfulness, while maintaining functionality.

Valerio Marconi

Valerio Marconi, @v_maker_woodworking

A scientist turned woodworker, Valerio has long been interested in creative projects and learning new skills. After discovering a love for woodworking, Valerio made the decision to leave the laboratory to craft functional designs that are built to the customer’s needs.

Valerio loves finding solutions for real problems, yet always with an eye on aesthetics and style. Practical yet artistic in nature, Valerio perfectly combines functionality with creativity.

After graduating, Valerio intends to build on his experience working in the fitted furniture industry, while also taking commissions for his clients.

Zaman Hazir

Zaman Hazir

Zaman Hazir loves to think. In his opinion, the act of doing is a waste of precious time and the earth’s even more precious resources.

30 weeks at Chippendale have reinforced his belief that if humanity just thought of doing, instead of actually doing, it would greatly reduce the impact of bad designs on the planet and there would be peace on earth.

Right now, you’re probably thinking ‘useless fool’. But that’s good. At least he’s got you thinking. Now, think on.

Ellie Agnew

Ellie Agnew, @agnewworkings

Ellie has been working in events as a freelance lighting and sound technician for the past seven years. Before the pandemic hit, she was looking at changing direction, and on driving past The Chippendale School last summer felt that she might have struck upon something good.

The future is unknown, and our world is constantly changing: ecologically, socially and creatively. One positive step is that women are gaining roles in previously male-dominated industries, such as furniture making. Ellie hopes to go on to create beautiful furniture for people whilst considering the environmental impact of the industry, by incorporating the practices of reuse, up-cycling and restoration in her work.

Carl Fink

Carl Fink, @thefinkus

Building and designing furniture had always been a dream of Carls. After graduating from university 2021, he decided to make that dream a reality.

With a passion to innovate and experiment with different techniques and materials, Carl has spent the last nine months on The Professional Course building pieces that are both well designed and well crafted. Combining his strengths in aesthetics and content creation, he plans to market his products online under his brand TheFinkus, and to continue pushing his design practice.

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