Today our attention turns to Group 2 of our soon-to-be-graduates. Over the last 9 months, this collection of fine woodworkers have been tutored by Grant Anderson. Under his watch, they have honed their skills and refined their technique, the results of which can be seen in their impeccable fine furniture designs.

You can see the products of their labour in our 2022 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale. Book your free ticket to the event here.

David Hanlon

David Hanlon, @adhmadmin

From computer science to fine furniture, David explores the techniques of steam bending and laminations to create seamless curves in his furniture, giving the final pieces an elegant look. For onlookers, the eye is deceived into thinking the furniture has grown in this form.

David takes an innovative approach to woodworking. Exploring the kitchen island and the space it occupies, he created a mechanism to allow the island to travel freely throughout the kitchen. The result? The space becomes more dynamic and expansive, space created where the island once was. After the exhibition, David will continue his woodworking journey in his homeland of Ireland.

Malcolm Mackenzie

Malcolm Mackenzie

A crofter and artist from Plockton, Malcolm graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s Sculpture and Environmental Art Programme in 2018. 

Seeking ways to bring people together through collaborative making, Malcolm’s practice is centred on social and community engagement. 

Exploring form over perfection, his work on the Professional Course is inspired by the urban landscape but speaks to a more rural vernacular and resourcefulness, finding ways to make by reusing other’s waste wood. 

Malcolm will leave the Chippendale School to begin an 18-month project building two coastal rowing skiffs alongside Atlas Arts and the communities of Lochalsh & Skye as part of Creative Scotland’s Culture Collective. 

Francisco Pimental

Francisco Pimentel, @arrayanfurniture

Leaving behind an 8-year long career in business and administration, Francisco decided to start from scratch as a woodworker. Through the process of designing and making, he has discovered a passion for exploring geometry, patterns, and textures.

After graduating, Francisco plans to stay at the Myreside Studios to further hone his skills and create new and ambitious designs for commercial and residential spaces.

Ildikó Somorjai

Ildikó Somorjai, @bauplanstudio

Ildikó has a background in scientific research and spent the last 15 years working in academic institutions across North America, Europe and the UK. Growing up in the foothills of the Laurentians, she is inspired by the “imperfect perfection” of Nature, and the precarious relationship between urban/human and natural environments.

In her work, Ildikó attempts to explore the concept of metamorphosis and the evolution of biological form and function, incorporating contrast and pattern into architectural pieces. Ildikó hopes to continue to challenge herself on her journey as a designer-maker, sustainably combining wood and other materials in art and furniture to define her own unique style

See more from these outstanding woodworkers at the 2022 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale. Book your free ticket here.

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