The Chippendale school is justifiably proud of the holistic approach we take to teaching every aspect of woodworking on our professional course.

Not only does our nine-month course equip students to practice as furniture designers and makers, we also provide them with a wider business context.

That includes elements of marketing and PR and creating sales materials and a website. We also have advisors to help students with creating marketing content and on website design.

But we also offer something else that sets the Chippendale school apart from other furniture schools. Students graduating from our professional course can remain on the school campus in incubation space, set up in business for themselves, but still make use of all our equipment and machinery.

Students who take space in our Myreside Studios can therefore immediately start working for themselves, but without the expensive outlay of creating their own workshops – a significant factor for any new business.

Importantly, they’ll also have the benefit of the support and comradeship of their fellow incubators, not just to lend an extra pairs of hands when needed, but also to bounce ideas off each other.

Each studio provides a generous working space, comprising a bench and separate assembly bench, and students can stay on in our incubation space for at least two years – and longer if demand allows.

Essentially this allows students to extend the length of the course to suit their needs by renting a bench at £350 per month after graduation. With access to the school’s tutors, they can more easily make the transition from student to craftsman under the Chippendale umbrella.

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