Introductory course Chippendale school

A last day BBQ

Last week we held our sell-out Spring introductory course, and, for the second time running, it was split equally between men and women.

That’s something we’re delighted with as we have for some time being championing for more women to take up woodworking.

Indeed, twice in the past four years, women have been awarded our professional course Student of the Year accolade.

The one-week course is designed not only to give students an introduction to woodworking, but to give them a range of practical skills that they can then apply to a whole range of DIY tasks.

It’s also a course that a number of students come on to decide if a career in fine furniture making is for them, and whether they want to enrol on our nine-month professional course.

It’s an option we encourage because furniture design and making is not for everyone, so it’s good to come for a week at the Chippendale school before making that final decision.

To underline the school’s commitment to those undecided woodworkers, if an introductory course student does then decide to enrol on our professional course, the one-week fees are reimbursed in full.

Our introductory courses are practical but fun, and dates and details for future courses in 2019 can be found here

Picture: Some of the students enjoying an end-of-course BBQ!

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