Graduate Show 2022

We were delighted to hold the 2022 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale between Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 June. Following nine intensive months on the Professional Course, our graduating students were able to reveal the fruits of their labour in a spectacular 4 day event.

We showcased the students’ fine furniture designs both at the School and online through our virtual show on this web page. The video content below will give you a glimpse of what can be achieved through learning here, wherever you are in the world!

2022 Virtual Exhibition

Group 1

Group 1, taught by Matthew Brebner, showcase their incredible fine furniture designs.

Group 3

Enjoy the fine furniture designs crafted by Group 3, taught by Andrew Cockerill.

Group 5

Enjoy the beautiful fine furniture produced by Ben Dawson’s tutor group, Group 5.

Group 2

Watch Group 2, tutored by Grant Anderson, exhibit their fine furniture designs at the 2022 Graduate Show.

Group 4

Hugh Parsons taught Group 4. You can watch Group 4’s impressive work here.

Group 6

Group 6, taught by Graham Davies, produced stunning pieces for the Graduate Exhibition.