Successful graduates of the Chippendale International School of Furniture are in the unique position of being able to enrol in the Fine Furniture Guild, an exclusive association of former School students.

The Fine Furniture Guild brings together the work of former Chippendale students and showcases it on a composite website that is marketed internationally, putting alumni directly in contact with potential customers.

The Guild offers potential customers an enhanced level of confidence in the skills and professionalism of our alumni while providing our graduates with an unrivalled marketing advantage.

This is a unique venture in the woodworking schools sector, and demonstrates a very real commitment by the School to its former students.

Objectives & principles

The Guild’s main objective is to internationally promote the work of former students through an online showroom for their work. The Guild does not financially benefit the School, and it has an independent management board.


Successful graduates are entitled to join the Guild, subject to their agreement to and compliance with the Guild’s Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Click here to see the Fine Furniture Guild Website

Get In Touch

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