Unlike other furniture design schools, we aim to give our students the skills, confidence and business acumen to succeed in their chosen career, whether that is in cabinet making, furniture design, furniture making, antique furniture restoration or as a specialist in a museum or professional workshop.

Not only does our nine-month professional course equip students with the skills to practice as furniture designers and furniture makers, we also provide wider business support, including marketing and PR advice, as well as the creation of sales materials and a website.

Students graduating from our Professional Course can start building up their business from our incubator workshop without the expensive outlay of having to purchase machinery and find a workshop of their own elsewhere.

Graduates in the Myreside Studios continue to benefit from the ongoing exchange of ideas and support from their peers, making the transition from student to craftsman all the more seamless under the Chippendale umbrella.

Each studio provides a generous working space, with access to fully equipped machine shops, and sundries such as glue, sandpaper and finishes are included in the rent. Students can stay on in our incubation space for up to three years.

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive

  • The Chippendale International School of Furniture Certificate, which is recognised worldwide.
  • The Chippendale School of Furniture Award, which is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority at SCQF Level 8*.

The School is a Scottish Qualifications Authority Approved Centre No. 3008002 and is accredited by Education Scotland.

Studying for the Chippendale School of Furniture Award is required by the UK Home Office for all students coming from outside the UK. The exams are also available, but not compulsory, for any UK students.

*  SCQF Level 8  Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (Scotland) is equivalent to:

  • RQF Level 5    Regulated Qualifications Framework (England & N Ireland)
  • NQF Level 5   National Qualifications Framework (England, Wales & N Ireland)
  • EQF Level 5    European Qualifications Framework (Europe)

Find out more about our courses

Chippendale International School of Furniture
May 2021  Photo Phil Wilkinson

Professional Course

Our professional course is aimed at those who want to make fine furniture design and make it their career, or to learn a professional skill in retirement.

Chippendale International School of Furniture
May 2021  Photo Phil Wilkinson

Introductory Course

For anyone looking for an introduction to woodworking, we run one-week Introductory courses several times a year. These short courses are run over a five-day period, Monday to Friday and provide an introduction to a whole range of woodworking skills and techniques.

Chippendale International School of Furniture
May 2021  Photo Phil Wilkinson

Intermediate Course

Our one-month intermediate course is aimed at anyone wanting to take their woodworking skills to a whole new level.