Lynn intermediate course Chippendale school

Deco table

Lynn Bickle from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland is our second intermediate course student.

She joins Kelvin Palmer, a retired hospital consultant from East Lothian, who also started last week.

Despite being here for only a few days, Lynn is well into making an art deco table in lacewood and fumed oak.

It’s an ambitious and complex piece, and reflects innate design and making skill.

The retired health and safety manager comes to us with some woodworking experience.

She has, among other things, made a bathroom cabinet.

Our one-month intermediate course is aimed at the enthusiastic hobbyist who wants to take their woodworking skills to a whole new level.

Only launched last year, it’s a course that has attracted people of all ages, backgrounds and several nationalities.

Lynn and Kelvin aren’t the first retirees on the course.  For example, our last intermediate student was a retired property developer from Australia.

We’re also more than happy to tailor the course to a student’s particular interests.

With Lynn, who is interested in both making and restoring furniture, we’ll be giving her specific restoration tuition.

After she leaves us, Lynn will be setting up her own workshop.

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