Fiona Gilfillan Chippendale school

Lacewood and chilling

Fiona Gilfillan is a designer who can add a touch of humour to her pieces.

Fiona Gilfillan from East Lothian became the second student on our newly-introduced month-long intermediate course last year.

However, sawdust got into her veins, and she then enrolled on our 2018/19 professional course.

She’s now graduated with flying colours and her new company, FeeMade, is being set up from incubation space at the school.

One of her stand-out pieces was a quirky sycamore table.

It had a clever “lazy Susan” mechanism that allows the table top to be turned.

That turns a traditional-looking small table into something substantially larger, with four hinged wings unfolding.

The original tradition of the piece is then overturned, with the hinged wings depicting a science fiction theme.

It’s a table top complete with astronauts and aliens, with sycamore and tulip wood veneers, and partly gilded with 12 carat gold.

It’s a bold and imaginative design, and that’s echoed in other pieces from Fiona’s collection.

For example, her beautiful console table in elm and ash.

Or her drinks cabinet in lacewood and sycamore…ideal for storing her beloved bottles of gin.

Or her over-size Chilling Chair in yew and cherry, ideal for quiet contemplation while sipping a gin and tonic.

Fiona now has the unique honour of being the only student to have been on our introductory, intermediate, and professional courses.

Her love of woodworking shines through in everything she does, and we’re delighted she’s staying on with us.

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