Alex Williams intermediate course Chippendale school

French leave

Alex Williams, originally from Sheffield but now living in the south of France, is our second intermediate course student this month.

She joined us last week along with Richard Reid who is even more far-flung – from Sydney, Australia to be precise.

With the major structural renovation of an old rural property near Toulouse drawing to a close, Alex has all sorts of domestic projects to work on.

They range from making fitted bedroom wardrobes using reclaimed materials to basic furniture restoration of pieces picked up at local ‘vide greniers’…that’s car boot sales to you and me.

Our one-month course seemed like a good way to gain the skills and confidence she requires to complete everything that needs to be done!

She’s loving the course so far and is particularly impressed with course tutor, Alan McGovern, who, she says is “a great teacher”, as well as the warm and enthusiastic welcome from everyone she has met at the school.

The intermediate course only has two students at any one time to maximise the amount of one-to-one tuition, and there are no formal start and end dates, to better ensure that tuition can be fitted around students’ other commitments.

The course not only teaches practical skills, but gives students a benchwork project to design and build a piece of furniture of their choosing, and Alex has chosen to make a writing desk.

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