Belen Gallego at the Chippendale furniture school

A long drive for a table

In the year since we launched our-month intermediate course, we’ve had students from as far away as Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago.

This week, another overseas student has joined us – Belen Gallego from the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona.

Rather than fly, Belen chose to drive the 1,300 miles by car, which took her two and half days.

Her reason for coming to the Chippendale school was that there were no similar courses on offer in Spain.

A keen woodworking hobbyist who has been on other short courses, Belen, who works in the commercial department of a white goods retailer, wants to raise her skill levels, primarily to make furniture for herself but, maybe in the future, to offer pieces for sale.

She’s started work on an olive ash occasional table, and she’s been busy fashioning its cabriole legs.

Our intermediate course is aimed at keen hobbyists who want an intensive learning experience, not only acquiring new skills but leaving the course with finished pieces of furniture.

We only have two intermediate course students at any one time to maximise tutor support, and if a month is too much of a commitment, it can be split into more manageable chunks.

We’ll bring you news of Belen’s table soon!

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