December Introductory course students at the Chippendale furniture school

Introductions over for 2018!

We’ve just held our last introductory course of the year, with one student travelling all the way from Hong Kong.

Our one-week course is always popular, with students coming from near and far, including a student from Taiwan who is also studying English in Edinburgh.

On the course, our students are introduced to a variety of equipment, while also making a wooden box and stool – which, of course, they can take away with them.

They also learn the rudiments of wood-turning using a lathe, and at least two of our December students will be taking that particular interest further.

We were also pleased that, from the ten students on the course, five were women – making it the first time that women have made up half of a course.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of women on all of our introductory, intermediate and professional courses – reflecting, perhaps, a welcome change in attitudes towards woodworking as a male preserve.

Every year we run a number of introductory courses, the first one in March 2019 – which still has vacancies.  These courses are designed to give you basic woodworking skills and allow you to pursue woodworking as a hobby.

However, a number of introductory course students also use their week with us to decide whether woodworking is something that they want to pursue as a new career.

If they then enrol on one of our 30-week professional courses, their introductory course fees are deducted.

However, if you’re already a keen hobbyist, but want to raise your skill levels even higher, why not consider a one-month intermediate course?

We only introduced the intermediate course this year, and have been delighted with its popularity – with one student coming from Germany and another from Brazil.

We only ever take two intermediate students at any one time, to maximise one-to-one tuition, and start and finishing dates can be organised around you – with the option of completing the month in shorter chunks.

We’ll profile a couple of our December introductory course students next week.

In the meantime, from all of us at the Chippendale school, we wish you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Picture: Our December students with Anselm Fraser, school principal, seated centre.


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