Early bird at the Chippendale furniture school

Watch the birdie!

It’s always good to plan ahead, particularly if it saves you money.

So if you fully register with the Chippendale school for our 2019/20 professional course by the end of this month you’ll save £1,250 on your course fees.

It’s a great Early Bird offer to turn your woodworking dream into a reality, earning a professional qualification from one of the world’s leading furniture design and making schools.

You’ll be joining a small number of other students from across the world, all learning a shared new language of woodworking.

It’s that international dimension that makes the Chippendale school so special, because we can all learn from each other’s cultures and backgrounds.

The registration process is simple and if you have any questions we’d be delighted to answer them.

You also don’t have to worry about the practicalities of accommodation, or registering with doctors and dentists – we’ll sort out all of that for you.

You’ll be embarking on an enjoyable and fruitful adventure, guided by the very best woodworking teachers, in a school that is set in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

So why wait?  Planning ahead makes sense!

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