And the winner is…

The winner of our first term bedside cabinet project is Grant Anderson, originally from Zimbabwe, for the level of craftsmanship he displayed.

Learning how to make a bedside cabinet project is an exercise in acquiring a whole range of  skills, including turning handles, French polishing, spray lacquering and how to fashion strengthening keys.

It’s also about learning how to fix pieces of wood together using loose tongue, tongue and groove, dovetail and domino fixings. mortice and tenon joints and half blind dovetails.

Runner-up to Grant was Ross Cunnison, originally from Aberdeenshire, with Campbell Paterson, originally from the Scottish Highlands, coming in third.

All three winners receive quality hand tools that will be of benefit to them in their new careers after graduation.

“Our nine-month professional course is designed to be fun but challenging, covering every aspect of furniture design, making and restoration,” said Tom Fraser, deputy principal.

“The bedside cabinet project teaches elementary skills in a relatively small piece of furniture.  It’s a project that isn’t about design, but about mastering the basics,” he said.

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