Short course stories: Andrew splashes down

Andrew Wray, born and raised in Glasgow, but a long-term resident of Vancouver, Canada probably has the job every child dreams of.

Andrew, who originally started in the sawmill industry, has for many years been involved in the design and manufacture of water park rides.

It’s a profession that has taken him from Europe to China, and from Iran to India – helping to create the ultimate in water-based fun and thrills.

A keen woodworking hobbyist, Andrew wanted to take his skills up a few notches and found the one-week introductory course “an inspiration in thinking outside the box.”

Andrew also loved the course because “it wasn’t about traditional woodworking, but woodworking to achieve practical results.”

We’re delighted that Andrew enjoyed the course so much but do suggest that, for splinter reasons, he doesn’t now decide to make his flumes and slides from wood!

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