A reception desk for intermediate students

The Chippendale school is all about teaching excellence in furniture design and making, but we also practice what we preach.

The school was recently commissioned to design and make a stylish reception desk for a new 66-bed care home that is shortly to open in Haddington, the town nearest the school.

It was designed and made by Alan McGovern, who has 33 years of woodworking experience, and who is also lead tutor on our new intermediate courses.

The intermediate course fills an identified gap between our one-week introductory course and our nine-month professional course.

The beautiful oak desk will take pride of place when the new facility opens next month.  Adding to its aesthetic, the desk incorporates an LED-illuminated front and all the data access points you would expect in a 21st century piece of functional furniture.

Reception desks aside, Alan’s main role is to teach the school’s intermediate course, which only takes two students at any one time to maximise the amount of one-to-one tuition.

Adding to their appeal, the courses have no formal start and end dates, to better ensure that tuition can be fitted around students’ other commitments…or when Alan isn’t busy on other projects!

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