Dutch cabinet for the family silver

If you’re lucky enough to have silver knives and forks, what better to keep them in but a bespoke cabinet.

That’s what Roderick Groenewegen from Amerongen in the Netherlands has made, complete with complex inlay and lined inside with dark green felt.

His cabinet, made from oak and American walnut, also has beautifully-executed tambour doors – not an easy design for most woodworkers in the early part of their course.

However, Roderick, who was previously with a major Dutch banking and financial services corporation, is already a skilled woodworker who has been on several woodworking courses, and worked on commissions for a number of clients.

One of those commissions was a showcase, commissioned by the Castle of Amerongen, for the exhibition of a 300-year-old death mask of Godard van Reede, a 17th century Dutch cavalry general, that is part of the castle’s collection.

Roderick wanted his cabinet to have tambour doors because, although a challenge, future clients may want him to work on tambour restoration projects.

After graduation, Roderick’s plan is to set up his own business in Amerongen, called ‘De Houtheer’.

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