A blend of youth and experience

The Chippendale school has students of all ages and backgrounds, because a desire to learn fine woodworking knows no boundaries.

But we’re always especially delighted to welcome young students who have come straight from school.

All too often, young people don’t consider woodworking as a career because it’s not an option that careers guidance teachers are aware of.

It’s an issue we have raised with our local representative in the Scottish parliament, and it’s an issue that’s now being raised with Skills Development Scotland.

Isaac Young, from Suffolk, knew the year before he left school that he was going to come to the Chippendale school – which made it hard to concentrate on his final A level exams.

His father is a keen woodworker, with a workshop at home, and Isaac has been able to learn on his father’s equipment.

So, despite his young age, Isaac has more woodworking experience under his belt than many students older than him.

His aim is to return to Suffolk, where a ready-made workshop is ready and waiting.  While it’s still early in the course, Isaac doesn’t much fancy restoration work, and would prefer to concentrate on designing and making furniture and kitchens.

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