Around the world to the Chippendale school

Brian London, originally from North Carolina, underlines how fine woodworking is a skill that can be learned at any age, whether as a first or second career or in retirement.

Brian, who now lives near Niort in France, had a long and distinguished career in law enforcement for the US government.

A self-confessed “army brat,” his father was in the military, and Brian’s upbringing was spent in Japan, in Okinawa and in Thailand, as well as several different States in the USA.

After college, where he studied political science and international relations, Brian enrolled in the Marine Corps, leaving as a captain and also achieving a Masters degree in personnel management and behavioural psychology.

He then worked as a police officer, then for the Federal government for over 30 years as a Treasury agent and, later, Homeland Security.

For a time he was attached to the White House, then was posted to Interpol in France, the international police organisation, where he became executive director, latterly working directly for Interpol.

A rare achievement, he also has a second Masters degree in national security from the National War College.

His love of woodworking is possibly genetic, as his grandfather was a carpenter, and his father took up woodworking in retirement.

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