Double 30th celebration at furniture school

It was a double celebration at the Chippendale School of Furniture last week as the school celebrated its 30th birthday, and one of its senior tutors celebrated thirty years at the school.

Alan McGovern from Dunbar has worked at the school since it began life just outside Gifford in 1985.


Alan was congratulated by school principal Anselm Fraser, and other members of staff and students, marking the occasion with a celebration cake in the shape of (what else?) – a saw.

The school takes students from around the world for one week “taster” courses or 30-week immersive courses, after which they are qualified as professional woodworkers.  This year’s students come from the UK, continental Europe, Canada and the USA.

Anselm Fraser said that “the Chippendale school’s success over many years is, in no small part, down to the professionalism and dedication of our teaching staff – and Alan is our longest-serving senior tutor.”

The school also offers incubation space on-site, so that graduating students can set up in business within the school, and have access to ongoing advice and specialist help – a practical way to ensure that students make a successful transition into full-time self-employment.

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