Woodcarving Course

Last week our students began learning about woodcarving with visiting master craftsman Charlie Oldham.  Within the wide age range of students, some exciting talent is already beginning to emerge, with some of our students showing a natural skill for the fine art of woodcarving.

Cygnini CiggyAndrew Brassington, a young student with us from Canada, chose to carve a large  pair of fine swans to be used as the supports for a glass-topped table.  For a first project, this might seem rather over-ambitious but, under the guiding wing of our specialist tutor, Andrew sailed forth and began to carve:

Carved Swan
Early stages in the carving of a swan






A few days later, and these ‘ugly cygnets’ are being transformed into elegant, graceful and beautiful swans:


We will update this posting so that you can see the progress Andrew makes . . . . watch this space!

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