Meeting 2023 Graduates: Len & Matty groups

We are fast approaching the 2023 Graduate Exhibition and Fine Furniture Sale (14-17 June), and what better time to catch up with our soon-to-be graduates of our Professional Course.

In the final instalment of our three-part blog series, we shift our attention to the accomplished individuals in Len’s and Matty’s tutor groups who have honed their skills in the art of furniture making.

Our graduates, who are exceptionally talented and dedicated woodworkers, have demonstrated their skills and commitment throughout their 30-week experience. We are eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for them in the future!

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Len’s Tutor Group

Adam Davies

The Jetty Studio


Prior to enrolling at The Chippendale International School of Furniture, Adam Davies was a museum photographer in London. Inspired by many of the objects he photographed, he decided to switch the camera for the workbench.

Drawing on his background in studio art and art history, Adam is interested in experimental furniture. He mixes disparate elements from past and contemporary design, in order to create unique and individual pieces for clients.

On completion of the Chippendale course, he will be moving to Detroit, Michigan. There, he will continue to develop his design practice and launch The Jetty Studio, named after the furthest point of land extending into a body of water, reflecting its goal to fuse elements and push boundaries.

Anya Popattanachai

Mudii Works

Prior to attending the course, Anya pursued a degree in International Relations and History. However, having felt like creativity was missing from her current field and the trajectory of her career, the decision to attend the course was a way to start creating again.

After the course, she wants to build her portfolio and continue to find a way to create objects that are both functional and beautiful in everyday life. Most importantly through incorporating various types of mediums, particularly painting and drawing into her future works.

The name for her business, ‘Mudii’ stems from the Sanskrit word Mudita – meaning to find joy in the happiness of others. This is in the hopes that in the future, it will be reflective of the joy she’ll also find, seeing other people’s appreciation of her furniture.  

Christophe Blunt

by Christophe


After more than 30 years working in financial services in Edinburgh and London, Christophe wanted to take a more creative turn and develop the amateur woodworker he knew was in him.

Christophe joined Chippendale’s professional course, combining his love of making wooden things with his undergraduate experience as an engineer. With a focus on free-standing and sustainable furniture, Christophe enjoys the subtle details in his designs, marrying contemporary components with classical furniture styles. In every case, he strives to make fine furniture that celebrates the use of simple lines, maximising the potential of the raw materials he uses.

Christophe is based near Kelso in the Scottish Borders and loves the abundance of locally sourced woods that are available to make his pieces. 

Daphne Kipreos


Having worked as a teacher for nearly 7 years in her home country of Chile, Daphne felt something was missing. After quitting her job, she finally discovered her true passion – woodworking. 

From a young age, she could always be found making something, combining her love of art with design and manufacture. When something piques her interest, she will do anything possible to learn more about it, which is why she ended up in a workshop in Scotland, far away from the school classroom.

Daphne is extremely motivated and determined, always striving to find new things to learn. She considers herself detail oriented, maybe even a perfectionist. Daphne loves being part of a team as it pushes her to excel as a professional and person.

Ivan Barretto

Slice of Ivan


Before joining the course, Ivan worked as an accountant for 10 years. Covid made him realise the value of time and how it is preciously scarce. Having always enjoyed working with his hands, he decided to start afresh and learn how to make fine furniture at Chippendale.

Having loved his time here in Scotland, Ivan’s furniture captures the emotions he has felt whilst here and aims to pique those same emotions in others. The more time he spends in the workshop, the more he falls in love with this craft. His journey is just beginning, and he hopes to walk this path for a long time.

Matty’s Tutor Group

Colin Mackie

Eskwood Furniture


After 21 years as a civil engineer and environmental consultant, Colin decided it was time for a major change. Fine furniture making would be a great opportunity to put his design and problem-solving skills to use, in a more practical and creative way.

After graduating, Colin intends to design and make hand-crafted bespoke furniture on a commission basis. His business ‘Eskwood Furniture’ will be based at Myreside Studios. Colin finds inspiration in many places, including music, instruments, ancient woodland, folklore, history, space and time. He is never happier than when a great idea drops out of a good pun!

Helene Sundt

Sundt Studios


Helene studied archaeology at Newcastle University, before working on archaeological digs and seasonal outdoor jobs. After some time, she began to miss her Design and Technology days at school and decided she wanted to pursue a career in woodworking.

She is inspired by rustic Scandinavian furniture, featuring a lot of traditional joinery, which reflects in her fine furniture designs. Helene plans to start a small bespoke woodworking business at Chippendale’s Myreside Studios. The business is called Sundt Studios, and all progress can be followed on her Instagram.

Nicholas Davis

Nicholas Davis Studio


Nicholas studied at the Glasgow School of Art and worked in art direction and graphic design in London and then Manchester, before taking the step towards a more connected and practical career working with wood.

He now aims to combine his love of making with experience in design to create careful and timeless furniture.

Samuel Pekarsky

Samuel Pekarsky Woodworks


Since the age of 10, Samuel has always been putting things together and taking them apart, only to put them back together again. He was in high school when the pandemic hit and suddenly found himself spending a lot of time in his garage-turned-workshop. With not much else to do, he quickly fell in love with woodworking.

Upon graduating from high school, Samuel decided he wanted to take an alternative path, rather than going to college. That’s when he discovered the Chippendale School. He knew right away it would be the perfect fit.  

Samuel’s furniture is modern yet functional and, most importantly, well built. He prides himself on being a perfectionist and strives to implement this quality in his work. A proud Canadian, Samuel looks forward to returning home to ply his craft and put his many learnings to work.

Tony Mathew

Banker turned woodworker. After spending 15+ years in banking, the transition from a banker to woodworker sounds challenging, however for Tony it’s been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience.

The notion put forward by George Nakashima in his book “The Soul a Tree’, that furniture is the second life of a tree, Tony is inspired by the idea of turning wood into beautiful, meaningful, and functional furniture and giving it a new purpose. It will occupy a space and it will have a story.

Tony would like to make curvy organic furniture that adds a sense of fluidity and movement to a space, creating flow and energy.

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