Reasons to reupholster: upcycling your way to sustainability

Sustainability has been high on the agenda over the last few years, with many people looking to reduce their waste and help save the planet. According to a report by E-On Energy, nine in ten people in the UK said that being more environmentally friendly was on their list of priorities for this year.

Repurposing and upcycling furniture is a great way to increase sustainability around the home, whilst adding a touch of individuality to your furniture pieces.

Upholstery is key to contributing to a circular economy, and a skill we teach on our one-week Upholstery Course. Still need convincing? Read on for more reasons to reupholster…

Style change

This usually happens when you are remodeling the interior of your house and you would like to have a new look or new design. You don’t need to buy a new set of furniture just because your style has changed – reupholster instead!

Restoring quality pieces  

As long as your furniture is structurally sound and the fabric is the only part that is really worn, re-upholstering might even end up saving you money in the long run.

Sentimental reasons

If you have those special pieces of furniture that you’ve inherited and just can’t let go, reupholstering is the best solution to keep the memories alive while freshening up the look. Reupholstering the original can be your investment in preserving your family history.


When you reupholster your old furniture, you’re doing the environment a favour by causing less waste.

Value for money

The cost of upholstering can vary, but if you do it yourself you’ll be saving money. What’s more, old furniture was built to endure, so your reupholstered piece is likely to last years longer than many new mass-produced soft furniture currently available on the market.  

The Chippendale School of Furniture Upholstery Course

Our one-week Upholstery Course is taught by Victoria Meacham, an experienced teacher and a member of the Association of Master Upholsters and Soft Furnishers.  She has years of experience and runs VM furnishing, an upholstery business that combines teaching upholstery and furniture upcycling.

Victoria has taught upholstery to many private individuals in group workshops including working for Edinburgh City Council’s adult education program. The course covers the basics of traditional and modern upholstery from horsehair to foam, and all tools and sundries will be supplied.

Interested in applying for our Upholstery Course? Find out more information here.

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