Spotlight on 2021 Graduates – Group 4

Last but never least, here are the profiles and exquisite furniture pieces crafted by our fourth group of students at the 2021 Graduate Exhibition & Sale. Group 4 were tutored over the past year by Matty.  

A wonderful time was had by all at the Graduate Exhibition and Sale which was held at the School from September 8th-11th. Visitors came to the school to view the graduates beautiful work in person and we were also able to take video highlights, which are available here for anyone who was not able to make the show. 

If you would like to reminisce about the show, or see more of the work from our graduates for the first time – have a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages where we have shared some impressive images and key information from the exhibition.

Josh Cadman, UK 

Josh Cadman Furniture Design

John with his coffee table design

Josh describes his experience of the Professional Course as ‘fundamentally transformative’, enabling him to develop his burgeoning small business selling furniture and homeware online into a professional furniture making practice. Now, he has found a clear style and streamlined approach to the design process, drawing heavily on the influence of both Japanese and mid-century Scandinavian furniture. For Josh, form must follow function, and he uses clean lines and simple forms to elevate the natural beauty of the timber. Following his graduation, Josh will move back home to Newcastle to join a highly regarded local furniture making company, while continuing work on his own business, Josh Cadman Furniture Design. 

Instagram: joshcadmanfurnituredesign  

Facebook: @Josh Cadman Furniture Design

Helena Robson, UK 

Heft Studio 

Helena adding the finishing touches to her table design

While absorbing as many techniques and methods as possible, Helena Robson can’t help but be drawn to organic forms. Her work focuses on curves and asymmetry to arouse visual interest while designing around the materials themselves. Helena will allow a grain pattern to dictate shape or create rhythm through figuring and chatoyance. With a respect for the natural beauty of wood, she seeks to highlight the material as much as possible with a subtle tactile element that invites interaction. The Gullane Cabinet was inspired by the dancing ripples on the beach and realised through figured sycamore veneering and marquetry.  

Instagram: @_heft_studio 

Website: www.heftstudio.co.uk 

Sally Prowitt, USA

Sally’s hall table design

Moving across the world during a pandemic to begin a career was a risky choice, but Sally is relieved that she followed her instincts and took the plunge to study on the Professional Course. Having developed a foundational knowledge across all aspects of woodworking, perhaps more importantly Sally has grown the confidence to expand on her learning and solve problems on her own. Influenced by the coast, trees and colours that surrounded her growing up in San Francisco, Sally says her style could be best described as ‘California meets Shaker’. Sustainability is key for Sally, with longevity a focus for her furniture pieces, with a bit of flair added in! She will be staying on at Myreside Studios, with the goal of getting her own business up and running by summer 2022. 

Instagram: @sallyprowitt

Alasdair Izat, UK 

Alasdair Izat Design

Alisdair with his Vinyl Chair design

With little previous experience in woodworking, Alasdair’s confidence and skill in woodworking skyrocketed, particularly through crafting a Windsor Chair. Now with skills under his belt, he is looking forward to developing his ‘signature style’ whilst he continues to focus on having fun and learning. Alasdair has particularly enjoyed the therapeutic process of wood turning. Upon graduation and after a few days of well-earned rest, he plans to spend time on his business, Alasdair Izat Design, and collaborating with his sister and her architecture practice on pieces of furniture for upcoming projects on the Isle of Harris. 

Instagram: @alasdair_izat  

Iain Stirling, UK 

Chapelhill Fine Furniture

Looking at his work, you would not know that Iain Stirling embarked on his woodworking journey just ten months ago. Evolving as a complete novice with ‘no idea how to design furniture,’ he has designed fine furniture pieces that have allowed him to develop his skills and experiment with new techniques and construction methods. He enjoys Art Deco design and the Arts and Crafts movement. His first creations, the Tawny bedside cabinets, are functional and practical, holding aesthetic appeal whilst serving a purpose. Subsequent veneered pieces reveal a more playful side and an exploration of shapes, techniques and exotic woods.  

Instagram: @chapelhillfinefurniture 

Website: chapelhillfinefurniture.co.uk

Alexander Weir, UK 

Alexander Weir Design

Alexander with his lampshade designs

Alexander Weir has come home to his first love: working and making with his hands. He has honed his craft and grown his ambitions in woodworking with a developing style that explores the relationship between form, function and aesthetics. Alexander’s designs mesh tradition with modernity and celebrate the maker’s relationship with craftsmanship and creativity. At the heart of his design process is a childlike playfulness, granting him freedom to explore shapes, textures and structures, without losing sight of the craft. A former Savile Row coat maker, technical precision remains essential to his practice. He believes ‘when wood is worked with our hands, it has infinite possibilities.’   

Instagram: @alexanderweirdeisgn  

Website: www.alexanderweirdesign.co.uk  

Follow in our graduates’ footsteps…

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