How bespoke woodwork could add value to your home

If you are thinking of moving home anytime in the future, naturally you will want to ensure that you are adding as much value as possible to your house price before you move out. 

There are countless options for home improvements that will add value to your home, and many of them involve adding an element of bespoke woodwork across your interiors. From handcrafted kitchens to accentuating period features, high-quality woodwork and cabinetry can be integral to boosting your home’s value. 

Beautifully bespoke kitchens 

Consistently topping the lists of what can add the most value to your home is a kitchen renovation. And rightly so – the kitchen is the heart of the home where you spend a significant amount of time every day. 

While the cost of kitchen renovations varies, a new kitchen can be expected to add anywhere between 5% and 15% to the value of your home! An outdated, shabby kitchen can be a real dealbreaker for any potential buyers, so it is certainly worth your time and money to give this room an upgrade. 

High-quality cabinet making can elevate any kitchen remodel. Employing the services of an experienced craftsperson will ensure your kitchen is perfectly bespoke to your home.  

Chippendale School alumni, Ewan Ogilvie, founder of Ogilvies of Haddington, knows the value a high-quality bespoke kitchen can bring to a home. He said: “In recent years the demand for handmade kitchens has really taken off. Clients want a kitchen that reflects the character of their home and one that is perfectly made to take advantage of the space on offer. Our services are in high demand!”  

Ogilvies recently crafted this stunning bespoke kitchen for a client. The quality and finish are outstanding! 

Ogilvie’s of Haddington – the ‘Manse Kitchen’

If you’re interested in commissioning bespoke cabinetry or furniture but don’t know where to start, read the Fine Furniture Guild’s blog on this topic here.  

A touch of history 

Period features and architectural detailing are hugely attractive to homebuyers and add value to properties. If you have a period property, it likely has a range of historically unique characteristics. These can range from smaller features like a cornice or mouldings through to fireplaces and vintage wooden flooring. 

Previous owners might have favoured a more modern look and might have covered up these historic features, for example, covering beautiful original floorboards under carpeting, so it is worth exploring the hidden features your home may be hiding! 

Many period features have woodwork at their core. Original hardwood floorboards may very well be in great condition, but likely have some wear and tear that will naturally need some attention. The Spruce have some great tips on how you can restore wooden floorboards to their former glory. 

However, some period features will likely require expert input. Restoring original wooden beams, doors and window frames are not beginner-friendly, and for the best results, it’s recommended that you employ the services of a professional woodworker. If you need help finding one, you can check out the Fine Furniture Guild’s Maker’s Directory, which features graduates of our renowned Professional Course. 

Creating extra living space 

The ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that house buyers today will be looking for homes with extra space for home working. One option for this might be converting a loft space into a usable spare bedroom or home office. Conversions on a large scale are best dealt with by experts, so do consult a pro with woodworking skills! 

Timber beams will take a loft conversion to new heights, adding character, warmth and a rustic-luxe feel that can’t be achieved by metal or other materials. 

Pinterest has some great examples of loft conversions featuring wooden beams that will be sure to inspire you! 

Image credit: Pinterest

Bespoke woodwork can help to boost the value of your home in several ways, whether that is a handcrafted kitchen, accentuating period pieces or adding in a loft conversion. Be sure to entrust a skilled woodworker and cabinet maker for best results! 

If you have any doubt about choosing a professional woodworker, check out the Fine Furniture Guild’s Makers Directory – for the very best in skilled furniture makers from around the world who have completed our Professional Course

We are taking applications for our next Professional course – find out more about it here or get in touch with us today if you have any questions. 

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