Why less is more – how our spending habits are driving the trend for bespoke furniture

With the rise of campaigns like Oxfam’s Second Hand September and the popularity of Marie Kondo’s decluttering methods, more and more of us are buying less than ever before.

A 2019 study found that people who consumed less, which involves repairing instead of replacing and avoiding impulse purchases, are happier than those who engage in other ‘green’ behaviours.

Our living spaces, like our budgets, are also not getting much bigger, prompting consumers to think hard about the durability and quality of the furniture they are buying.

A shift in spending habits

Lockdown has also had a part to play in recent trends towards the reduction in consumption. A recent study by e-commerce agency Melody revealed that, post-lockdown, more than a third of UK shoppers intend to do less shopping of any kind.

This new awareness of spending habits has been bolstered by research revealing the hugely negative environmental impact of cheaply made, mass-produced products in general, whether that’s flat pack furniture or fast fashion.

These shifts in attitudes and behaviours are affecting how we buy furniture and home accessories. Consequently, there is a real move towards buying better but buying less, or even renting pieces instead of buying them. For example, Harth offers customers the chance to rent, sell, or buy high quality, pre-owned furnishings.

Better for everyone

Not only is this more selective kind of shopping better for the environment, it also helps to support the artisanal community of craftspeople who produce high-quality goods in smaller batches – just like those who operate out of our on-site incubation hub, Myreside Studios.

Consumers want quality goods that feel special and make a statement. These trends are increasing the demand for one-off, commissioned pieces that are designed to last, such as handcrafted wooden furniture items or special lighting features.

Why bespoke is best

If you are after high-quality heirloom pieces that will still be in your family generations from now, then you can’t beat bespoke furniture pieces.

They may cost more in the short term, but they are guaranteed to outlast your latest flat pack purchase. Alternatively, you could spend a day searching through antique stores for a real bargain!

Plus, when they do accumulate a bit of wear and tear, it only adds to their character – or you can take them to a furniture expert (like us!) to have them restored to their former glory.

For an amazing display of the latest up and coming talents in the artisanal furniture world, you can’t beat the Chippendale School graduate design show.

It is fast approaching, taking place from 14th-17th October, and offers a look at what our Professional Course students have been working on for the last 9 months. For a look at the freshest furniture designs in Scotland, you can RSVP to Principal Tom Fraser at info@chippendale.co.uk.

We’re still taking applications for our next Professional course – find out more about it here or get in touch with us today if you have any questions.

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