Woodworking Trends to Watch in 2020

Wood is a rich resource which has been valued for centuries as a versatile and durable material. For relaxation and de-stressing, organic materials like wood are powerful tools for grounding us in nature, which brings countless recorded benefits.

We’re spotting a return to this love for wood, as interior trends turn towards natural and sustainable materials. Wooden interiors are on the rise in the home and the workplace, which is great news for our students looking to set up their own woodworking businesses.

Here are our picks of the key trends in wooden furniture for 2020:

Buying bespoke

Move on IKEA! We’re seeing more people skip the mass-produced furniture sets in favour of one-of-a-kind pieces which add character and interest to their living spaces. Bespoke furniture is something that people increasingly value, both for its personal story and unique, handcrafted appearance.


We are all more conscious of the importance of sustainability, and this is being reflected in our purchasing habits. People are moving towards products that will last, and the high-quality of handmade pieces is a draw for many modern consumers.

Wood is a sustainable material, and as we move towards eco-friendly habits, expect to see an emphasis placed on natural finishes which show off the wood’s colour and grain. 

Custom storage

Does it spark joy? Thanks to pioneers of the minimalism movement like Marie Kondo, there is a growing awareness of effective use of space. As many of us live in small homes, it is important not to overcrowd rooms with furniture, but to think cleverly about your storage. 

Custom cabinets are coming back into style, with shaker-style kitchens growing in popularity for their simplicity and functionality. Our graduates are increasingly receiving commissions for smart storage units that fit into awkward spaces that allow people to make the most of their space.

East meets West

There’s no escaping the influences of Japan and Scandinavia when it comes to design and you’ll continue to see this style in upcoming furniture designs, with clean lines and elegant minimalism.

It’s not surprising that these styles are so popular, as they work in so many different settings, from homes to corporate spaces. Crucially, they often feature lighter woods like ash – these neutral colours are a great help in opening up smaller rooms. 

Mid-century design

Mid-century styles never really go out of fashion, but they are having a moment in the spotlight this year. If you keep your eye open, you’ll spot low-slung cocktail cabinets making their way into hotels and homes. Their pared back, functional look feels very modern and works well when mixed with contemporary interiors. 

In recent years, we’ve seen rattan furniture creeping its way into the public eye, adding texture and richness to rooms, while still keeping that natural colour and feel that is so beneficial in our homes. Maybe it’s time to dust off that old peacock chair in the garage and add a velvet cushion to elevate it as a stand-out piece! 

Do you love wooden furniture or have a passion for design? At the Chippendale School, we offer a range of courses to suit every level. If you’re new to woodworking, take a look at our Introductory course. If you decide to progress to the Professional course, the Introductory course fee will be deducted from the total cost.

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