Bursaries for veterans Chippendale school

Bursaries for veterans

The Chippendale International School of Furniture is all about enabling its students to find a new career through our professional course.

Our role is to give them the confidence and skills to practice as fine furniture designers and makers.

But there’s one group of people that we are especially proud to reach out to.

And that’s our Armed Forces veterans who have given service to this country.

There are currently some 190,750 UK Services personnel.

Armed Forces

Every year some 11,000 men and women are recruited.

Our Armed Forces are deployed around the world.  From Afghanistan to Belize, and from Africa to Brunei.

They’re a bunch of people prepared to put themselves in harm’s way.

And it’s not just in places like Afghanistan.

They’re at the forefront of humanitarian missions to bring food, water and shelter to places hit by natural disaster.

And in several countries, they’re helping to train local forces to better protect themselves.

There are about 2.5 million veterans in the UK.

Last year, one of our professional course students was a former member of the Black Watch, one of Scotland’s most famous Army regiments.

Service and sacrifice

Three years ago, we had another ex-soldier who, sadly, had lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.

We believe schools such as ours should be doing more to recognise their service and sacrifice.

That’s why we’re offering veterans who have left the armed services a financial incentive to come to us.

We’re offering those veterans a significant bursary – a discount on their professional course fees.

Fine woodworking is something that can be perfect for veterans.  For a start, it’s physical and practical. It also involves precision and discipline.

Our next professional course starts in October this year, and places are still available.

A second career as a fine furniture designer and maker is just around the corner.

And we would be delighted to welcome you to our school, and to thank you personally for your service.



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