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A very small number of places remain for our professional course which starts in October.

And for students coming to us from outside the UK, that’s very good news.

Because the UK pound is weak due to Brexit uncertainty, our fees have become almost 10% cheaper for some overseas nationals.

But there are other good reasons to come to the Chippendale school.

Not least our international reputation for teaching excellence.

So, if you’ve been thinking about a new career in fine furniture design and making, now is the time to make that decision.

Stephen Barr Brexit cabinet Chippendale school

You’ll be learning your new trade in the beautiful Scottish countryside, but with cosmopolitan Edinburgh just half an hour away.

We also take great pride in our support package for students, and the school will sort out all the boring but necessary stuff for you.

That includes registering you with a doctor and dentist, finding you suitable accommodation and a car.

Our students come from varied backgrounds.  Some come to us straight from school.  Many are wanting a second career.  Some are retirees looking to keep busy.


In terms of student selection, we don’t look for prior woodworking training.  In our view, the best woodworkers often come with no prior experience.

What we do look for is enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard.  We pack a great deal into the 30-week course, so we expect lots of sweat and commitment.

But we also encourage a social side.  We celebrate students’ national days and encourage students to socialise on evenings and weekends.

It’s the reason why so many of our students come to us as strangers but leave as good friends.

While our students come from many different nationalities, they all learn the international language of fine furniture design.

In your year at the Chippendale school, you’ll also learn that language.

It’s a journey starting with how to visualise your designs in 3D, and then acquiring basics of your new trade.

As your confidence and skills grow, you’ll also learn everything from veneering to marquetry and gilding.

We have world experts, some from overseas, who come to the school each year to teach certain specialisms.

That’s on top of our full-time tutors who teach every aspect of furniture design and furniture restoration.

It’s a course designed to be a perfect stepping-stone to setting up in business as a furniture designer.

Because we also take a holistic approach and provide guidance on marketing, website design and financial planning.

And we also have another unique selling point.  We have incubation spaces at the school for successful graduates.

Your future

It means that our alumni can set up in business on-campus, and still have access to tutor support and all our equipment.

In other words, it’s a course designed with your future in mind, and you can see some of our former students’ success stories here.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll also be more than happy to organise a Skype call.

Or if you can, do come and visit and see the school and its beautiful surroundings for yourself.

We hope to hear from you soon, before those last places are taken.

And remember, if you’re coming from outside the UK, it’s never been cheaper!


Photographs: Canadian student Paul Hartman with his Sam Maloof-inspired rocker, student Stephen Barr and his Brexit cabinet, and Isa Dorster from the lycée des métiers d’art georges guynemer in France who teaches 3D visualisation.

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