Matthew Hayward drinks cabinet Chippendale school

Actuated eucalyptus

It’s a drinks cabinet that packs a monumental punch.

It’s the stunning creation of Matthew Hayward, who has lived in London, Somerset and the Scottish Highlands.

Matthew, who also studied computer sciences at the University of Edinburgh, enjoyed a career in hospitality before enrolling at the Chippendale school.

During that period, he worked in some prestigious locations such as at Skibo Castle in Sutherland and Claridge’s in London.

He also worked for a number of high-end individuals.

That latter understanding is partly the inspiration for his drinks cabinet, because it packs a powerful statement of wealth and bespoke individuality.

His “Vice” cabinet is not only for bottles and glasses.  It’s also a humidor and contains a poker set.

Made from grey eucalyptus with white gold gilding, its playing card motifs are beautifully executed in crystal calcite and epoxy resin.

Adding to its luxurious appeal, the interior is lined in the finest Italian leather.

Its exclusivity is further underlined by having two actuators to power the opening mechanism.

It’s a wonderful piece that will have enormous appeal to the sort of people that Matthew once worked for.

In other words, it’s a clever piece designed with a specific market in mind.

Matthew has long had an interest in woodworking, and completed an antique furniture restoration course in London.

He used that experience to restore a piece of furniture gifted to him by his grandfather.

With his other experience in high-end hospitality, Matthew now has the skills, creativity and understanding to cater for that most exclusive of markets.

He now intends to stay on in incubation space here at the school where he’ll set up his business, Stag and Rowan.

Matthew then intends to return to London before the end of the year.

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