David Hall Whisky Barrel Furniture Company

Raising a glass to a desk

David Hall is a woodworker who knows precisely what he wants to do after graduation.

He’s already bought a farmhouse and outbuildings in rural Aberdeenshire which he intends to convert into a studio and workshop.

His new business will specialise in making fine furniture from old whisky barrels.

It’s an idea that will give his pieces significant commercial appeal.

The first piece in his collection is a beautiful writing desk whose top and front drawer is made from an oak whisky barrel.

The parquet effect on the desktop has been achieved by using darker squares of wood from the barrel’s inside.

They’ve been framed in a lighter shade of wood from the barrel’s outside.

The desk’s drawer has been crafted from a stave of wood from the barrel.  When complete, it will have a hidden whisky glass behind the desk handle.

While there are other woodworkers making furniture from whisky barrels, David intends to design and make his pieces to an altogether higher level of craftsmanship.

His soon-to-be workshop and showroom is also set in beautiful countryside, close to beaches, and David hopes that there will be additional tourist footfall.

A former primary school teacher in Hong Kong, he’s also acquired the domain for the Whisky Barrel Furniture Company.

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