Anselm Fraser, principal, Chippendale school at dedication of bench to Isobel Edgar

A bench to remember

It’s a bench that’s been made by many hands and is now a fitting memorial to one of the Chippendale school’s longest-standing members of staff who died recently.

Isobel Edgar, the school’s student welfare officer, had worked with the Chippendale team for 25 years.

The Redwood bench is our way of paying tribute to her and a permanent reminder of her contribution to the Chippendale school.

It was copied from an old bench, with all our students and members of staff contributing a small piece.

Isobel Edgar Chippendale school

It’s now situated on a spot that Isobel loved, offering views over the surrounding countryside, and a place that will give students a place of quiet contemplation.

The bench was made under the supervision of deputy principal Tom Fraser, and a Sugarplum tree has been planted beside it.

“Isobel was a valued member of the Chippendale school community who worked tirelessly to make our students’ lives as easy as possible,” said Anselm Fraser, principal.

“We know that she would love this memorial to her, and that every student and member of staff has contributed to it,” he said.

Picture: Anselm Fraser is pictured talking to staff and students at the bench’s dedication, with Isobel’s sister, Mary Martin, and niece, Jaci Simpson.


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