Stephen Barr Chippendale school

Cabinet split on Brexit

It’s a political debate that has been both electrifying and utterly tedious.

Should the UK leave the EU with a deal, without a deal, or not leave at all?

Stephen Barr, who first came to the school on a one-week introductory course, is turning the debate into a talking-point piece of furniture.

It’s a very clever idea because, to be commercially successful, woodworkers have to make their speculative pieces interesting and relevant.

Stephen’s two-door cabinet in walnut and Japanese ash will depict the Union Jack on one door, and the EU’s stars on the other.

The neat joke that Stephen is incorporating is that one of the EU stars will be missing…or could, perhaps, be replaced if the UK decides to stay in the EU.

Stephen, originally from Northern Ireland but now living in Edinburgh, intends to set up in business in West Lothian.

Stephen previously had his own IT company employing more than 100 people, which he’s now sold, and therefore able to pursue his passion of woodworking.

Stephen’s creativity and originality will stand him in very good stead in his new profession and we will, of course, bring you a photograph of the finished cabinet.

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