Oli with Dolphin table Chippendale school

Olive ash and Oli

The very best furniture carries within its design a little bit of the maker’s DNA.

It’s the kind of design touch we encourage on our professional course at the Chippendale school because it’s those small flourishes that really put the bespoke into fine furniture.

That’s the case with Oli Juliusson’s beautifully-crafted olive ash table.

Oli, from Hafnarfjardur in Iceland, was a trawlerman for ten years, before deciding on a new career on dry land.

However, as he admits, fishing will always be in his blood, and his table echoes that seafaring background.

Oli fishing boat Dolphin at Chippendale school

For a start, he’s named his table the Dolphin, after the fishing vessel he sailed on, and the design of the table’s legs reflect the architecture of the ship’s gallows – the arched structure at the rear of the ship (pictured above).

Oli plans to return to Iceland after graduation, making furniture that honours the lives of Icelandic fishermen – but, such is the lure of the sea, may also spend time at his old job.

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