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A winning hand for the prohibition poker table

It’s a question that gaming enthusiasts might ponder over: what’s the best and most convenient way to enjoy a drink while playing an uninterrupted hand of poker.

The quirky answer is to buy one of Shane Elliot’s beautifully-crafted prohibition poker tables in Macassar Ebony, elm burr veneer and brushed antique brass.

It’s a drinks and games table loosely based on the American “prohibition tables” of the 1920’s and 30’s, and which became famous at a time when alcohol was banned and secret compartments to store illicit alcohol were all the rage.

This retro-contemporary design from The Elliot Collection is a beautiful reimagining of this American classic, with a secret compartment that, at the touch of a button, reveals a fully functioning drinks cabinet complete with glasses and ice bucket.

Shane Elliot prohibition table

Also, the central section on the top of the table can be turned over to reveal a leather surface ideal for a game of poker, and able to accommodate up to six players.

“It’s a premium product for a prestigious experience, and a 21st century evolution of many alternative out-dated games tables,” says Shane, who graduated from the Chippendale school’s professional course in 2015.

“With its space-saving secret compartment, the table is fun, sexy, lustrous and seamless, inspired by an iconic design which would add value to any classic or contemporary interior,” he says.

This is the third generation of Shane’s prohibition table and the first to incorporate both a drinks and games table together. The first table was exhibited at the prestigious Design Show Shanghai in China and later exhibited at a showroom on London’s Kings Road.

Elliot Collection Chippendale school prohibition table

“The prohibition poker table reflects my philosophy: to combine traditional skills with modern technology. The utilisation of space is paramount, which makes these unique pieces perfect for clubs, casinos, hotels and even super yachts,” says Shane.

Shane is now raising investment capital to finalise different designs for different world markets, targeting both hotels and gaming clubs as well as high net-worth individuals.

Here’s a link to a video of his table in motion.


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