The veneering master

This week we’re concentrating on giving our professional course students a very real grounding in veneering, because we’ve had the internationally-recognised Scott Grove with us.

Scott, from the USA, is a larger-than-life figure in the world of veneering and this week has been an exciting and fun time for the students.

Scott has been coming to us for years and is also an artist, sculptor and furniture maker, creating work that is tactile to every sense, and you can see examples of his work here.

A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, now living and practicing in eastern New York State, Scott teaches and lectures internationally, and has published several books on aspects of furniture making and veneering.

His work is in the permanent collections of several museums, including the Hunter Museum of American Art in Tennessee, and the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, and in several private collections.

“Every year I come to the Chippendale school and show them examples from previous years, and each year the students want to outdo what’s been done before,” said Scott.

“Every year therefore the standard of work seems to improve, and that’s a fantastic thing to be involved with,” he said.

You can follow Scott on his YouTube channel and visit his website.

We’ll bring you examples of work by our students next week.

Picture: Scott Grove (left) with student Jacob Corradi and his marquetry chessboard.

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