Kirsty Mackellar, resident therapist at Chippendale school

Laying on hands

Once upon a time you had to be extremely fit to be a woodworker.

In an age before modern woodworking equipment, furniture making involved a great deal of  back-breaking physical activity.

Nowadays, while every aspect of woodworking is much easier, it does still involve hard work – and that can lead to aches and pains.

This year we’ve been very lucky to acquire the services of Kirsty Mackellar, a trained practitioner in Remedial Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Reflexology, who has been coming in one day a week since the beginning of term.

She’s the fiancé of student Jacob Corradi, who she first met when they were at school together in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Kirsty has a degree in Psychology and professional qualifications from colleges in Brighton (Jing School of Advanced Massage) and London (London Reflexology Academy), and brings a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques to her work.

Kirsty provides tailored treatments that include deep tissue, stretching, myofascial release, working  meridians, trigger point therapy and reflexology.

Kirsty Mackellar interior shepherd's hut Chippendale school

The pain reduction and relaxation aspects make sure that healthy bodies make happier woodworkers – a service that many students are taking advantage of, with some becoming regular customers.

So, for one day a week, Kirsty Mackellar Therapies is now based in a shepherd’s hut on the Chippendale campus and is open to the public, although she also has two studios in Edinburgh.

If you wish to book a massage, please email Kirsty at kirsty.mackellar@gmail.com.

With Jacob hoping to take incubation space at the school next year, we’re hoping that Kirsty will extend her practice at the Chippendale school – a unique and valuable service to keep our students in the best of health.

To enquire about commissioning a Shepherd’s hut please contact the school on +44 (0)1620 810 680

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