Basketballs and sawdust

Gordon Young from Edinburgh has a Masters degree in civil engineering from Heriot-Watt University so does therefore have the important first skill of technical drawing.

It’s the first thing we teach on our professional course because if you can’t visualise a design in 3D you can’t easily make fine furniture.

It’s why each year we bring in Isa Dorster who teaches at the lycée des métiers d’art georges guynemer near Montpellier, and who is a renowned expert in the subtle art of teaching 3D visualisation.

Gordon also has some woodworking experience having learned some of the basics at school and, after graduation, intends to continue as a fine furniture maker – either in the UK or overseas.

His other passion is basketball and he currently plays for Dunfermline Reign, a team in Scottish National Division One, and in recent years one of the most successful basketball teams in Scotland.

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