Teacher to pupil

David Hall is a former teacher whose previous job was teaching English at a primary school in Hong Kong.

Thinking ahead, he’s now bought a farmhouse and outbuildings in rural Aberdeenshire which he intends to convert into a studio and workshop.

With stunning countryside and beaches nearby, he’s also hoping that footfall to his studio will be boosted by tourists.

He intends to specialise in making fine furniture from old whisky barrels, an imaginative idea that incorporates Scotland’s iconic tipple.

While making furniture from old barrels isn’t new, David intends to bring a whole new level of craftsmanship to his pieces.

He’s currently designing a desk as his first project, and has already sourced a couple of whisky barrels to get him started.

Still thinking ahead, on top of workshop and studio, he’s also acquired the domain for the Whisky Barrel Furniture Company.

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